About Invoice Ne

The fourth pillar of democracy has been corrupted and corroded and has become a power broker, instead of looking out for the interests of the people. This is the problem of the media not just in India, but across the world. We have seen American media stir up the race pot. The British media stirred up the Brexit situation. One has seen the News International Group hack into phone lines. And one has seen the Indian media, led by Goswami trying to be judge, jury and executioner. The nexus between politicians and the media is now so great, it is difficult to know when one group ends, and the other begins.

If the media is corrupt and corroded and cancerous to the societies it operates in – then where is the future of journalism? Now, Journalism has to go back to its roots . We need to enable, empower, and fund journalism platform free from any pressure and see if we can tell people the truth, without trying to manipulate, control, and herd into things people actually don’t need.We believe voices of tribes and communities of North East need to bring into daylight.

So,we,Invoice Ne with Citizen Journalism will create a new free and unbiased journalism system within the rotten system.We believe your co ordination and co operations will motivate us towards new era in coming time.