TUE 03 Aug, 2021

126 Years of Farmers uprising in Pathrughat

A very few incidents of history of pre-Independent India includes about Assam's contribution in the freedom movement. One of the bigest incident of 1894 where the people of Assam also bravely took part in the freedom movement against the exploitation, discrimination and atrocities of the British. One such incident was the historic uprising of the peasants at Patharughat in Darrang district of Assam against the increasing land tax rate by the British.

On January 28, 1894, many local peasants gathered in a protest meeting at Patharughat (also known as Patharighat), condemning the increasing land tax levied by the British. Thousands of people from various villages came forward to take part in this meeting. The frequently increasing tax rates left the poor farmers in a state of despair. As a result, a rebellion brewed in the hearts of the peasants against the British. After much discussion amongst themselves, it was decided that no taxes would be paid to the British, until a proper solution was found to the problem. They were even willing to revolt against the British for the cause.

When Britishers refused to reduce the raised taxes the people of Assam mostly farmerers raised there voice and protested against the British officials. While to control the crowd the British officials has to lathi charge where 140 brave martyrs has to lost there lives but still refused to pay taxes. 

After 126 years of this incident, on this day the the people of Assam remembers the brave martyrs with respect.This year too the ocasation is obsvered by local people of Darrang for two days.


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