WED 04 Aug, 2021

India to supply COVID vaccines to Canada

New Delhi, Feb10: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday he had assured Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau that India would help to supply Canada with vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially easing shortages faced in the country.

India, which has several vaccine manufacturing facilities, is emerging as a key supplier of covid 19 vaccines to the world. Canada does not yet have a vaccine manufacturing facility of its own and is reliant on foreign suppliers.
As per record, Canada has recorded over 20,000 deaths and more than 810,000 cases of COVID-19, and many areas under restrictions to combat a second wave of the pandemic.
PM in a tweet has mentioned     


 " Was happy to recive a call from my friend Justin Trudeau . Assured him that India would do its best to facilitate supplies of COVID vaccines soughts to Canada. We also agreed to collaberating on other important issues like climate change and the global economic recovery".

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