TUE 03 Aug, 2021
Science & Technology

India's First 3d printed house

L&T Construction, the construction arm of the $21 billion technology, engineering & construction conglomerate, Larsen & Toubro, has 3D printed a G+1 (Ground plus one) building with reinforcement for the first time in India.

“3D concrete printing is one of the technology disruptors with the potential to radically redefine construction methodologies and I am extremely happy that by demonstrating our growing expertise in 3D printing, we are well positioned to push the boundaries of automated robotic construction,” said M V Satish, whole time director & senior executive vice president (Buildings).

He added, 3D printing will not only accelerate the pace of construction, but also significantly improve build quality.

The 3D printed building, which has a built up area of 700 sq. feet and is located at L&T Construction's Kanchipuram facility, has been built with a special, in-house developed concrete mix using indigenously available regular construction materials. The building was printed with both vertical reinforcement bars and horizontal distributors using welded mesh that satisfy provisions in the Indian Codes and optimize the cost of construction.

The technology reduces costs of anyone who wishes to build their house. The area where one saves a lot of money is hiring labor every day, spending for raw materials and logistical expenses. This technology just requires one to program the required design of the house one intends to build, say “a castle” or “a bunker”. The rest is done by the machine itself.

 This technology is eco-friendly as well. The general usage of water while curing of a house is very high when we talk about construction. But with this technology, the water is added to the pre-mix and then on there is no water needed for curing. This saves a lot of water.

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