FRI 30 Jul, 2021

Italy the new European Champion

Italy thrash down England in penalties to lift Euro Cup 2021
Landon, 12 July : In the Euro Cup 2021 finals today, Italy beat England 3 - 2 in penalties here at Wimbley Stadium, Landon.
Italy have participated in ten UEFA European Championships, and reached the final on four occasions. They became European champions at home in 1968, the first European Championship they qualified for, and finished as runners-up in 2000 and 2012, before winning their second continental championship at Euro 2021. Where as England have never own a Euro Cup till date. England's dream of becoming European champions for the first time ends and has to seattle down finishing as runners- up.
In the match England scores the fastest goal of the tournament in the early 2 minutes as L.Shaw give the lead to England. L. Bonucci scored the eqalizer for Italy on 67th minutes and match remains 1 - 1 draw till the end of full time. Next 30 minutes extra time was awarded but score remains the same and penalties was awarded. In the penalties D. Berardi scores the first shootout for Italy, H. Kane scores the next one for England. On the next shoot A. Belotti missed out as H. Maguire scored it for England. Next L. Bonucci  and F. Bernardeschi scores the two back to back goal where as England 's M.Rashford, J.Sancho and B. Saka missed all the next three shootout Jorginho also missed the last one but Italy was on lead and wins it     3 - 2 and emerges as the new European Champion for the second time.

Colombia wins the Thirds place beating Denmark. Euro Cup 2021 has recorded the highest number of own goal in any tournament so far.

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