FRI 30 Jul, 2021

NEUFC holds FC Goa 2 - 2 draw

Goa, FEB 4: In an exciting crucial ISL match today between North East United FC vs FC Goa, where both the teams chasing for the 3rd place in the top 4 run at the points table. As Goa already remains in the 3rd place and NEUFC in 5th keeping it same after the match too.
In today's match FC Goa took the lead with a beautiful score by Alexander R. Jesuraj on the 21st minutes, NEUFC returns the goal on 41 minutes in penalty by F. Gallego and first half ends with a 1-1 tie.

In the second half both the teams tried there best to find through the nets from the beginning with NEUFC missing lots of chances, they had 6 shots on target but couldn't convert into a goal. At the 80 minutes Goa took the advantage with a corner kick assisted by Amarjit Sing and NEUFC conceded a own goal by G. Kumar while trying to defend Amarjit. Then quick after 3 min NEUFC was awarded with a penalty on 83 minutes and F. Gallego turns it into a goal once again. And the score remains 2-2 till the end and match ends up with a draw. With which NEUFC's dream to be in the top 4 run could't be a reality. But the match can be marked as one of the existing match where both the teams tried there best to score. F. Gallego was awarded the hero of the match.

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