SUN 19 Sep, 2021

NEUFC played 3 - 3 draw with Chennaiyin FC

Goa, February 18 : Today North East United FC (NEUFC) gave there overall best to get one crucial point and keep them in the playoff spot here at Bambolim Stadium. 
Chennaiyin FC (CFC) took a early led on the 8th minutes scored by Chhangte which was returned by Imran on the 14th minutes and then the secon second goal by Brown on the 43rd minutes gives NEUFC a 2 - 1 lead on the first half.
At beginning of the second half highlanders consided a penalty which was turn into a goal by Chennaiyin's Lanza in the 50th minutes and then again an immediate attack on the 52nd minutes Chhangte scored his second goal of the match and third one for CFC. But still highlanders have not given up till the last minutes and was able to find through the nets for the classic third goal on extra time at 94th minutes by Machado, taking the match towards the end with 3 - 3 draw.

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