TUE 03 Aug, 2021

Newly built Two Foot over bridge inagurated

Guwahati, Feb 1: Newly built 2 foot over bridges on GS Road, Christian Basti & ABC point, Guwahati built Rs 10.06 cr & Rs 9.88 cr was inaugurated by Minister Himanta Bishwa Sarma today.

Features available in the new hi tech foot over bridge are : automated elevator & ramp for divyang, 2-way escalators, customised perforated screen cladding and special illumination. Where everyone can make use of the facilities and cross the road easily, even its going to be more helpful for old aged people to cross the road without disturbing the trafic over the bussy GS Road. 
But according to few locals its a great facilitie made available to the public but the foot over bridge has made the road smaller which may lead to trafic jam in that paricular areas.

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