WED 04 Aug, 2021

Messi the highly paid Sportsperson in Sports History.

 Barcelona, Jan 31: Lionel Messi's new contract with FC Barcelona is worth up to 555 million euros ($673 million) over four seasons, thus making his deal as the biggest signed by any athlete in sports history. Messi has signed a 30 page contract which includes a signing bonus of 11,52,25,000 euros for accepting the renewal and a "loyalty" bonus of 7,79,29,955 euros. Messi would receive a maximum of 55,52,37,619 euros ($67,39,19,105) over four seasons, if a series of conditions were met.  

The last contract was agreed in November 2017 which expires on June 30 this year, when Messi will leave the Camp if there is no agreement with the club over an extension. Messi tried to leave FC Barcelona last summer, arguing that a clause in the deal allowed him to walk away for free, before eventually backing down. But the new contract is keeping Mess in FC Barcelona again for next four years with the pay hike.

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